You Can Be a Part of a Winter Miracle

Give a Gift of Warm Hats and Coats to Holocaust Survivors in Israel

Holocaust survivors like this dear lady desperately need your help!

The Bible says in Genesis 12 that God will bless those who bless Israel. There are many wonderful examples of how people sacrifice to bless Israel. One of those stories particularly touched my heart many years ago.

During World War II, when millions of Jews and Christians were being slaughtered in Nazi concentrations camps during the Holocaust, one Christian family risked their own death by hiding, feeding, clothing … and saving … 800 innocent Jewish children and families. Now that’s Christian love! And I know from having shared a cup of soup with one of the children in that family, Corrie ten Boom, that, while the family suffered because of their selfless sacrifice, they also were blessed.

I want to represent that expression of the Love of Jesus to the Jewish people in everything I do. That’s why I founded The Jerusalem Prayer Team and became an advocate for Israel throughout the world. And why I restored the Corrie ten Boom home in Holland (seen left) as a constant reminder of what God asks us to do. I'm asking you to help me respond to an urgent plea.

I'm Asking You to Respond to an Urgent Plea to Help Holocaust Survivors

There are 230,000 elderly holocaust survivors in Israel facing the threat of a freezing winter without appropriate clothing to help them survive! Haven’t these people already suffered too much? The little money they have goes to food and medicines. They can’t afford to buy warm hats and coats … and I need you to join me in an effort to ease their suffering this bitter cold winter.

230,000 Holocaust survivors face a cold
winter without warm clothes!

To make matters even worse, Iran has been testing rockets and are determined to make nuclear weapons with the purpose of using them on Israel! It is crazy to think that Amadinejad could actually say or think that the Holocaust never happened when we still have almost a quarter of a million survivors in Israel alone! I just want to love them and give them warm coats and hats. We don’t have nearly enough sponsors. We need to buy a lot more, and we really need your help.

As Jesus said:
"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." - Matthew 25:40.

We Christians are called to help God’s precious children around the world, and we are promised that when we bless Israel, we too will be blessed.

But this is a personal plea for me. My mother came from an Orthodox Jewish background, and her grandfather and his entire congregation were burned to death, being called “Christ killers,” in the synagogue in Russia while my grandfather was conducting a service. I would never meet many of my relatives because they fled to Germany from Russia … and then experienced the same agony in the concentration camps.

The Urgency of This Need Has Been Seen on National Television

Most of the forgotten Holocaust survivors are over 80 years of age and
won't survive the winter without the generous help of people like you.

When I was asked if we would help provide fleece coats and hats this winter to elderly Jews living in poverty, there was no way I couldn’t do all I can to respond. These elderly Holocaust survivors receive a meager £191.31 per month - £6.38 per day - for all of their living expenses … food, shelter, water, clothing … everything! Most of the forgotten Holocaust survivors are over 80 years of age and won’t survive the winter without the generous help of people like you. You wouldn’t be at this website unless you already wanted to help, so here’s what I want you to do.

Give as generously as you can to provide fleece coats and hats to elderly Holocaust victims who have immigrated back to their homeland … Israel … in what is called “the great ingathering.” Each set costs just £12.76, a fraction of the retail price. £40 will provide 3 coats and hats, £70 will provide 5 coats and hats, £700 will provide 50 coats and hats. Just think about how good you will feel being warm this winter yourself and knowing that you have made a poor elderly Jewish person warm enough to survive the winter in Israel.

I Want to Send You A Special Thank You Gift
For Your Generous Donation

When we receive your gift, we’ll thank you by sending you this commemorative Afghan that you can display and use. All major credit cards are accepted.

For your gift of at least £40, we’ll thank you with a limited edition 20" x24" Abraham and Isaac print.

When you send £70 or more, we'll thank you with this beautiful, commemorative 48" x 60" Afghan AND the 20" x 24" limited edition Abraham and Isaac print.

We’ll thank you for your generous gift of at least £700 with a full size, authentic ceremonial shofar trimmed and inscribed in silver. In addition to the commermorative Afghan & Abraham and Issac Print too.

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